Women to Women

Young Americans in South Africa
Women to Women

In 27 stirring articles, Simmons College students cover issues ranging from how South African women fare today in the arts, politics and business to how they cope with and combat HIV/AIDS, homelessness, and rising domestic violence.

One article explores the impact of women’s empowerment on men. Another plumbs the limits of tolerance for gays and lesbians. Several look at new forms of cultural and political expression in the dynamic, contemporary youth culture. Based on a study-abroad course in May-June 2005, the book was edited by Dan Connell and designed and produced by Simmons students. It includes photographs and a detailed itinerary and contact information.

Praise for Women to Women

“Rare glimpses into the lives of South African women. Sometimes painful, always insightful.” — John Donnelly, Africa bureau chief, The Boston Globe